Lisa Nemzo, RPP

No one knew what to expect. Not the vendors, nor the attendees, nor the keynote speakers, not even the Board of Directors.

Everyone straggled in, two by two, one by one, group by group settling into the Wyndham Hotel in Lisle, Chicago. We could have been anywhere by the time the conference was over, as we all were deeply transformed with the workshops, the events, and the heightened experience of the rebirth of APTA.

Everyone felt welcomed and included. The Spirit of Polarity was alive and in high energy starting with Sharon Porter’s workshop on “Why You Need the Trauma Piece”, and Roger Gilchrist’s “Energetic & Structural Integration”. Then on to the social meeting mixer with yummy spinach spanakopita and other light fare.

Sharon Porter was our first keynote speaker on Friday evening. She reminded us that it is Dr. Stone’s inspired work that gives us the foundation for our sessions and bodywork. She encouraged us to read and reread his books, learn the charts and catch fire from his passion for optimal health and balance. “Don’t be afraid to get into the bodywork!” Porter said, with a twinkle in her eye, strongly suggesting to use the elements, but not be reliant on them entirely. She did a master workshop within her keynote speech. We all were transported as she spoke about the release of trauma in triumphant case histories.

It’s as if Dr. Stone was right there in the room with us. Maybe he was…

Prior to the keynote speech Certificates honoring the year of joining and becoming a member of APTA were given to each member with a brass star pin signifying being a significant part of the puzzle. Everyone was honored, and it created a feeling of community. Tami Vaughn and Cathie Drumm did an amazing job putting all the finishing touches on every little thing you could think of!

For three consecutive days before the conference, the Board of Directors met from 9am-5pm discussing marketing, branding, a new website for APTA, how to include members so we are more cohesive and affective in our organization. Belinda Sledge spoke to us regarding APTA’s financial prospects and responsibilities, and Nancy Risley and Damon Fazio came in to talk about standardized testing and licensure for Polarity Therapy practitioners in MA.

Nancy and LaRose have been working with a group from Massachusetts to get Polarity Therapy included in an upcoming legislative bill. This fall, we’re about to make history as we seek to become recognized as a viable choice within the healthcare system under the laws of Massachusetts. One state at a time! President, LaRose Daniels, inspired us to brainstorm about new ways we could initiate further relationships with other countries and bring Polarity Therapy internationally for better health across nations. Leaders from around the world were personally invited to be a part of our conference and to come together to discuss international needs.

Eleanora Lipton had her 29th (ahem) birthday celebration, and we managed to move through mountains of material and still have a great time together. Non-gluten cake and a crown fit for a princess. Stand in line.

The New Board of Directors present were; Executive Board: President: LaRose Daniels, Vice Presidents: Cathie Drumm & Eleanora Lipton, Treasurer: Lynn Dennison; Directors: Dr. Jill Henry, Tami Vaughn, Lisa Nemzo. Board members, Heather Principe and Shirley Prouty were not in attendance, however we broke new ground with Heather including her on a SKYPE connection from Switzerland, so everyone met -virtual face to face!

In between workshops, everyone hung out in the lobby, filled with unique vendors. Pedestal necklaces and bracelets from Angel Awakenings, Aura Masters (aura photography and readings), personalized Mandala drawings. Tables of books on Polarity, articles from the Ohio’s Polarity School’s bookstore, original photography and paintings magnets for healing and balance, from Maine. We had lots to choose from and the vendors were all so nice! We also had a treatment room for anyone who wanted to have a Polarity session. A little birdie told me Johnny Henderson delivered some off the charts (no pun intended) bodywork.

After the keynote speech, we were treated to a live performance by Darrell Brann leading us as the pied piper from the meet and greet time into the performance room, where Darrell recited spoken word Native American Poetry — wisdom that put us into an altered state while he played his magical flute calling in all spirits. Darrell was accompanied by a duo called Give Peace a Dance, Preston and Emily Klik. Preston played the gong and various percussive instruments and Emily danced with wild silver wings in the most hypnotic, fluid movements to the music being created in the moment… they truly inspired all of us.

There were workshops from Legislation and the Regulation of Polarity Therapy by LaRose Daniels, Energy Exercisesn(Sharon Porter), Energy Art and the Tarot (Jacob), Intro to Elemental Reflexology (Ruggerio.Tancinco), Starting a Polarity Program (Nancy Lehto), Intro to Maya Abdominal Self Care Therapy (Linda Green) Intro to Live foods Nutrition (Brigid Hopkins) Return to the Source: Energy Therapy with the Dying (Palmer), Pre-Con: Energetic And Structural Integration(Roger Gilchrist), Dr. Stone’s Mystic Philosophy (James Arena), Old Moves with New Impetus (Eleanora Lipton) Identifying the Energetic Patterns of Symptoms (Iva Lloyd) and many more.

Iva Lloyd’s keynote speech took us through the history and future of medicine — traditional and holistic. It was not only fascinating, but visionary, and ignited discussions for the rest of the conference. She even gave us a blueprint for creating a healthy relationship! A bonus to be sure. She was riveting in how she wove the history of medicine into where we started and where we are now, and how important the role Polarity Therapy will play in the field of health care.