Lisa Nemzo, RPP

The world as we’ve known it, is over. Look around, and take in what’s happening. It’s evident in the crumbling of our world economy, nuclear plants leaking radioactive material into the water table and the earth wreaking havoc by natural disasters.

Have you noticed how everyone, not just older folks comment that ‘time is racing’? Well, it is! After the Tsunami, the earth’s plates and axis shifted. Now, we’re just short of 24 hours in a day. We can sense the difference. There is literally less time in our day as the earth is rotating faster. We need to adjust our relationship to time, not fight it, or believe there is not enough time in the day. The way we talk about time matters. Instead we might say, “I have all the time I need today to do what is on my list.” We create ether/ space within time and can relax, take a big breath instead of contracting against the time pressure. We must adjust to earth’s new rotating speed.

Many of our technological discoveries are creating fast paced change, similar to what it must have felt like during the Industrial Revolution. We are on the precipice of a Technological Revolution, challenging the way we move through the world, individually, the way we interact, how we impact our environment and how we communicate through these new technologies. Our brains will change because of the way we’re using them, how we’re engaged with new systems. What does it mean?

Some pundits say 1/3 of the world’s population will die, 1/3 will go crazy, 1/3 will usher in the new order. Spiritual grounding is the new way. Not so much based in physical security or obtaining ‘things’. We now need daily meditation, chanting and attunement.

Life has always had bumps in the road, but we’re talking about great upheaval, and not much comfort in things settling down for more than a few days before another wave of change arrives.

As Polarity Practitioners/ Educators, we have a responsibility and the ability to bring our highly developed communication skills to every situation, everyone we meet. People learn by example. Reflective listening as well as maintaining neutrality is the most powerful tool we have in times of great stress and change.

Just think about it for a second. Ten years ago, we did not have Texting, iPhones, iPods. The world is getting much more interconnected while we are becoming more separated from one other.

It’s vitally important to prioritize an order that will serve us best:

If you are taking good care of yourself, then nurturing your primary relationship, your children will effortlessly flourish, and so will your career. It’s akin to “chord tendineae”, or heart strings, which is a condition in the heart where the blood flows backwards and although you are still alive, none of the body’s systems are at their top functioning ability. Once the condition is corrected, all systems reset themselves and work, effortlessly.

This is a time to step into our power, move out of our old orbits, and work together in the most exciting time of our lives.

Remember, right on the other side of fear, is excitement! It’s up to each of us to choose.