Lisa Nemzo BCPP, RPE, CST

• Board Certified Polarity Practitioner
• Registered Polarity Educator
• Couples & Group Counseling
Cranial Sacral Therapist
• Soul Retrieval
Cleansing / Clearing Spaces, Land, Homes
• Support Groups

Lisa Nemzo is a Polarity Energy Worker and Body-Mind centered practitioner with 8 years of education/training and 36 years of clinical education and experience. She uses Energy Medicine modalities and an eclectic array of therapeutic tools to bring about healing. Lisa is available for online sessions via Zoom & FaceTime during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Presently, Lisa resides in the Los Angeles area. See Lisa’s schedule for booking an appointment.

Referred to as “the guru for couples”, Lisa advocates for the relationship in a unique way that educates and supports the couple in learning high level communication skills that are simple and easy to use. From the physical, emotional, physiological to the spiritual, Lisa has a deep understanding of the human condition and is able to read and interpret body language as well as the energy/auric field of the client. Lisa is able to recognize and unwind/release shock oriented disconnection, trauma and patterns that affect thinking and behavior. Lisa uses these skills to influence her phrases and timing and helps the client notice their subtle levels of experience in a way that opens their neural pathways and allows discharge of trauma-energy. Because Lisa works with the cellular memory and energy systems of the body, her style of Trauma Release, PTSD unwinding, and Soul Retrieval are often described by her grateful clients as transformative, compassionate, straight-forward as well as fun/unconventional and life altering.

Presently, Lisa Nemzo is President of the non profit, national organization (APTA) American Polarity Therapy Association. Polarity Therapy to be the first alternative healing art whose program is nationally accredited.

Book an online appointment today! email: or phone: 310-281-8525.

Photo: Judson Kramer