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July 2018- In the Spirit of Sunshine & Moonbeams!

July means Julius Caesar’s month. July was added to the year in 46 BC when he altered the Roman calendar and named a month after himself.  July is a fun month of vacation, swimming and sunshine in the northern Hemisphere… We will have three lunar eclipses this summer and six planets in retrograde. Lots of continued transitions, upheavals and disruptions as we move out of the old Piscean 3D into Aquarius 5D.  Holographic living, experience and energy. The watchword that’s key to keeping ourselves in balance is REST. Rest, Rest, Rest. It will make all the transition energy smoother.

Take extra good care of yourselves this month. Keep up the enthusiasm, and please call us, email us, and join a committee to help make this the best year for APTA, Polarity, your clients and of course, you!

For those of you who are advanced practitioners, I am starting to hold workshops on Portals to the Pelvis, Mid Line Compression, Unwinding Whiplash, and Becoming an Expert in Body Reading. Contact me if you’re interested in me coming to your school, or facility. I am also holding doing workshops that are open to all, like Releasing Blocks to Creativity,  Love & Sex Integration, and Couples Work.

The San Francisco class on Portals to the Pelvis was successful- I loved seeing the transformation in the attendees~

Hope to hear from you soon!

email: lisa@nemzotics.com

phone: 310-281-8525


Lisa Nemzo


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