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What a Year So Far…

I will be providing updates more often from now on~since so much change is on the horizon.

The Aquarian Age of Impermanence shows us over and over again how we need to find ways to work together collectively, collaboratively and in partnership.

We are nearly halfway through 2020 which most of us would agree has been a very challenging year so far. With five planets in retrograde and Mercury going retrograde today, (that will make six),and five eclipses to carry the lesson of departing from old ways of being and doing everything- this is a pivotal time for all.There is no pushing the river, only finding new ways to be present with one another and with our communities.

The office space where I was seeing clients (Valley Village Chiropractic) is no longer available due to Covid-19 safety. My home office is also not available, so for now, online sessions via Zoom or FaceTime is what I am offering.The online sessions I’ve been giving have been successfully addressing physical pain, emotional trauma, mental looping quite well ~ I am providing a professional discount if you’re a health care practitioner and a discount if you’ve been a client prior to this change.I encourage you to book a session and keep doing the healing journey work!

I’m also working on an ongoing class “Releasing Blocks to Creativity” for those who want to jump start your creativity and keep your creative juices flowing. Stay tuned!! 

For now, I am holding all of you in my heart and consciousness and wish for you a peaceful, safe and uplifting summer.Change is in the air, partnership and collaboration is the way through…

Take good care of yourselves and each other~

Blessings and good vibes!

Lisa Nemzo BCPP RPE

www.nemzotics.com lisa@nemzotics.com  cell: 818-427-8447 VM 310-281-8525

photo credit: Judson Kramer 

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