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Happy 2013 Everyone…

I hope this year is treating you well so far!

I have some noteworthy news…

I am looking to work out of a facility like Core Conditioning on the Westside; so if you know of a place you want to recommend, email me at lisa@nemzotics.com with any contact info.

March 4-11th I will be in Denver, Colorado. I’ll be available at certain times on SKYPE for sessions. Those of you in Europe and the East Coast; Mountain Time is one hour later than the West Coast.

I will be seeing clients in the Marina Office on Wed. Feb 27th, Thurs, Feb. 28th, & Sat morning, March 1st.

In 2012, I was nominated to the Board of Directors for APTA (American Polarity Therapy Association). We are working diligently to promote Polarity across the US, regionally, nationally as well as Internationally. We want it to become recognized by Insurance companies as is now offered when you received Chiropractic and Acupuncture sessions.

I am asking you, as clients, if you would take the time to send me an email, with a few sentences about what you experience in session with me. Not a testimonial, but instead more about what you experience when you’re receiving treatment on the table, or during other parts of the session from me.

APTA is ultimately looking to define Polarity as a Healing Art in a way that a non-medical person can easily understand. And hopefully? Move Polarity into mainstream America so more people can experience transformative healing/ balance in their lives.

Sending your written words to lisa@nemzotics.com would be so helpful and appreciated.

If we use your wording, you will get a gift session!

If we use partial wording from several of you?  Half off sessions will apply…

What a bargain!

Something Very Important:

We are a nation fighting to maintain our right to know what we’re eating in our foods by demanding accurate disclosure on our labels. GMO is a real problem. Please sign petitions, avoid any foods with GMO. It is vital for our children’s health along with our own…

Hope to see you for a session, very soon!

Blessings and lots of love,










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