Nemzotics will be offering workshops for two levels:

  1. For Master Level Practitioners RPP or BCPP or comparable in another field (Portals to the Pelvis, Midline Compression, Supervision, Reading Body Language, Shock and Whiplash Unwinding, Couples Counseling)
  2. Open to All (Releasing Blocks to Creativity, Couples Workshop Love & Sex Integration)

Please contact us for booking workshops:
cell: 818-427-8447     VM office: 310-281-8525     email:

Candle Power, Healing by Light

A course for practitioners wanting to take their in-person practice online
Presented by Lisa Nemzo BCPP RPE

I’ve been doing candle programs for others and myself since 1980. That’s 30 years! Doreen L. Mella was one of my teachers.

I use color psychology, chakras, and Polarity elements – and for some who aren’t allergic, incense.

I’ve helped guide people who were trying to sell homes, property and had no luck and didn’t believe in any of this kind of fringe protocols, but!! They sure did when they sold their homes right after their candle program! Renting to the right people, health body mind spirit. Programs for everything!

From loneliness, to self confidence, to problem solving, mind, body and spirit, it can be a detailed wish or something lofty like world peace.

I also am planning on emailing, via phone, talking with each participant to find out what you want to manifest and which candles you need so you can get them before the class. It includes prayer, affirmations, proclamations! Specifically created for each person.

Once we all light our candles together the force and power of the intention in numbers will be very potent!

Please click the flyer below to register.

The New Frontier: How to Give Online Sessions
presented by Lisa Nemzo, BCPP, RPE

This course invites you to learn long distance sessions and build and expand your practice. We will explore the differences of in-person sessions vs online sessions. Technology: How to set up and utilize Zoom and FaceTime. We will address initial assessment, physical and emotional techniques including the elements, body language, lecture, interactive discussion and experiential practice. It is ideal for seasoned practitioners who have many hours of experience. This course is created to support you in transferring your deep knowledge of Polarity to online session work. By the end of this course, you will be ready to offer online sessions so you may continue to be of support to your community and clients. 

Thursdays, November 5, 12 & 19, 2020
$100 for all three classes – 90 minutes each. 

Class 1: Assessing your Client Online
Thursday, November 5th – 2:30 pm – 2:00 pm ET
Lecture: Assessing your Client Online verses in person
Reflective Listening, NLP, evaluating the elements, and voice assessment Practicum (Breakout rooms)

Class 2: Processing your Client Online
Thursday, November 12th – 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm ET
Lecture: Processing your Client Online
Addressing dissociation, emotions, physical pain
Practicum (Breakout rooms)

Class 3: Breaking through Fear, Taking Risks, Creating Success
Thursday, November 19th – 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm ET
Lecture: Breaking through Fear, Taking Risks, Creating Success
Mastering the online platform and technology
Practicum Empathic exchange online (Breakout rooms) 

Please register before November 5, 2020!

• 30% of proceeds will go to APTA
• Registrations are final
• No refunds will be granted
• Replay link will be made available for one week and only available to those who register
• 4.5 hour of CEUs will be granted towards APTA BCPP recertification and can be applied toward any of the domain requirements

Lisa Nemzo, BCPP, RPE

Lisa Nemzo has been practicing Polarity Therapy since 1993 (Massage Therapist 1984). She has published several articles and done internet radio interviews. Lisa’s case history (Regression beyond Conception) was presented at the ISSSEEM research symposium, November, 2018. She studied with Gary Strauss and Dr. John Beaulieu from 1987-1995. Ms. Nemzo’s private practice includes couples, artists, clinical psychologists and business groups. She teaches advanced workshops in Polarity Therapy and elective classes for CEUs. Presently, Lisa serves as President of the American Polarity Therapy Association. Ms. Nemzo has had a long-standing career as an internationally renowned recording artist, songwriter/ producer.