Lisa Nemzo, RPP

I guess I could thank Ronald Reagan for my career in the Healing Arts.

As a recording artist during the 1980’s, I made a living performing original acoustic rock songs on California State University’s campuses. After President Reagan’s economic policies resulted in drastic cuts in those music and art budgets, I was forced to look for an additional vocation for which I felt a similar passion.

At the age of ten, I used to give my mother shoulder and neck rubs, which took away her pain. In college I was known for my ability to take away stress headaches. I decided to use the gift I had of alleviating pain and enroll in massage school so I could learn proper techniques.

I enrolled in the Santa Monica School of Massage in the summer of 1984. I studied with Garnet Dupuis and Ginger Clarke, learning the invaluable lesson that all bodywork comes from the feet and hips rather than shoulders and hands. During my massage classes, the most exciting part was brushing my hand over the client’s aura (now redefined as the electromagnetic field). In massage, this technique simply acknowledged the end of a session. But for me, I felt the circuit breakers within my own being switch on. I was able to feel the edge of the client’s energetic field—a sort of landscape, as unique to each person as their fingerprint. I found myself enthralled with ‘aura balancing’ at the end of each session.

Through my work with private clients, chiropractors, and acupuncturists between 1984-1989, I learned that physical injuries often wouldn’t heal until the trauma from the accident itself was addressed, predominantly in the emotional realm. Many years later, I was fired from a chiropractor’s office for using “strain-counter-strain” a Polarity technique based on the brain’s ability to reset its messages of pain to non pain. Accident (PI) patients felt improved enough to return to normal life and then objected to coming in three times per week. It wasn’t good for business.

In 1986, a friend gifted me an energy healing session. During the session, I experienced a release of trauma from a childhood accident, profoundly shifting what years of therapy could not. This propelled me on a search for a practice beyond massage, and sent me on a healing journey for my self. I began studying Polarity with Gary Strauss in 1987 and took classes from John Beaulieu. My massage cliental asked for more Polarity after each new technique I introduced. My work was rooted in what I had learned from my journey toward healing my own issues. I joined APTA in1993 as an APP, and in 1995, as an RPP.

As a result of dealing with my own personal trauma from a childhood accident, triumphing over odds that doctors said were impossible, I bring a passionate fortitude and unlimited belief that all healing is possible. In addition, I am a bit of a “mad scientist” in the way I have combined different modalities to unwind whiplash, lower back issues, mid-line compression, with the intention of releasing trauma into healthful recovery.

Clients have told me that after working with me their symptoms don’t return; they are moved to make big changes in their lifestyles and attitudes. They said things like, “You helped me to open myself to possibilities and dreams,” and “Your treatment made me stop thinking about the injury and start thinking about

the healing—and then I started to make progress.” Clients seem to appreciate an approach that addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives, that, in other words, addresses their wholeness.

Best of all, moving into the healing arts did not cause me to abandon my music. The same year I finished my internship, I completed a music CD from which the title track, Restless Soul entered into the archives of the Smithsonian/Folkways Fast Folk, 2001.

In the next few years, I toured as an opening act with Bonnie Raitt, Ray Charles, and Hall and Oates. But this time around, instead of being related to the clichéd drugs, sex and rock and roll, my relationship with the music business had boundaries, integrity and a foundation I had learned from Polarity. To date, there are six Lisa Nemzo CD’s. In 2006, I am planning to have a double CD release party!

Today, Polarity provides me with a foundation for my life as both an artist, as well as an educator.

I have a flourishing, private practice, work with individual clients, as well as couples, artists, people with life threatening illness, psychiatrists, CEOs of major companies, business partners and theatre groups. I conduct workshops for creative artists in all disciplines: Releasing Creative Blocks. Other workshops, such as Letting Go of Old Patterns, Shock and Whiplash, are offered to healing arts professionals, RN’s, through Polarity Healing Arts of Los Angeles as Advanced Electives in the RPP program.

I am lucky to have to have a foothold in two worlds and to have negotiated a meeting place. Having both Polarity and songwriting keeps me grounded and breaks up the perpetual field of emotion that can exist when one becomes insularly related to a single world.

Both endeavors require sourcing the Divine. It demands nothing less than being present and being willing to stand on the edge of the unknown, surrendering, trusting in the unseen.

As for hobbies, body surfing and gardening are top on my list! Creating a new song and finding new pathways of healing are my biggest passions in life!

The practitioner must be committed to healing the issues in his/her own life. We can only take our clients and patients where we’ve gone ourselves.

Come and join me on the edge.

Nemzotics is a program of techniques designed to release trauma and support full healthful recovery. Training for professionals in Nemzotics is available through a series of workshops offered by the Polarity Healing Arts of California. Nemzotics is created and taught by Lisa Nemzo.

The Workshops deal with: 

• Unwinding and releasing shock
• Whiplash
• Organ midline compression
• Sciatica issues
• Couples counseling
• Integration of sex and love issues
• Releasing creative blocks
• Letting Go of old patterns, relationships

“Our energy field is affected by traumatic events.

When trauma is released, we are free to live fully again!!”