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Dearest Clients,

I volunteer with an organization founded by Keren Taylor, called Write Girl. The teens write poetry, and artists like myself attend the workshops and put music to their poetry so they can hear their own feelings and words going out into the world. It’s very empowering, and has made a huge difference in their lives and future choices. I’m proud to be part of this special group. Keren Taylor was honored for CNN Hero of the Year in 2014. Great job, Keren!

In October I accepted the nomination for President for the American Polarity Therapy Association. http://www.americanpolaritytherapy.org. I continue to be serving as president for this year, and perhaps the next three.

Polarity Therapy is on the threshold of becoming an accredited alternative therapy and will be insurable through Parker/ Hannifan, Etna and Honda and many more companies by late 2015- early 2016 if all goes as expected. This is very exciting news!

For those clients who I’ve not seen in a while,  I  have relocated to the Bay Area. I am doing sessions  (including body work) long distance using SKYPE, Google Hangout and FaceTime! Call or text me to make an appointment ~  818-427-8447. When I’m in the LA area, which seems to be once every other month, I will be seeing clients at Dr. Hillary Smith’s Thermography Clinic which is located at:

12840 Riverside Drive, Suite 202, Sherman Oaks, CA. 91607. It’s a lovely space. Professional, quiet with ample free parking on Saturdays.

I hope this finds you healthy, happy and excited about your life!
Please feel free to keep in touch… I am interested in what’s happening with you, always~

If you know anyone in the Bay Area, SF,  Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, etc, who might benefit from my work, please refer them to lisa@nemzotics.com or 818-427-8447.  I always appreciate your wonderful referrals.
Sending many blessings and love,

Lisa Nemzo  BCPP/RPE/ CST/MT

vm 310-281-8525    c. 818-427-8447

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